Portfolio > Two and Three Dimensional Artwork

Mardi-Gras Dress Form
Beads and Dress Form
30" x 20"
Bride Dress Form
Yarn, Fabric and Trim
83" x 14"
Body Form Decorated with Leaves, Flowers and Fabric.
Mixed Media on body form including artificial leaves, flowers and fabric.
33" x 13" x 9"
Beaded Dress Form
Beads and Dress Form
30" x 15"
Decorated Oversized Vase
Fabric, Feathers, Found Objects and Acrylic paint
Woman's Standing Body Form Decorated in a Jungle Theme.
Body form decorated with leather, animal skins, feathers, maribou, fringe and found objects
29" x 15" x 9"
Mixed Media Molded Body Sculpture
Papier Mache,Pleated Gauze, Zipper trim and metal netting
36"x 16"x 5"
Woman's Standing Body Form Decorated in Gold
Body form decorated with a Multitude of various types of ropes and painted gold
29" x 15" x11"
Encaustic Art with a Culyural Theme
Encaustic, Collage with paper,Sequins & Image on Cigar Box
Decorative Clay Masks
Clay,Gold Leaf, Seed Pods, Rusted Metal set in Wood tray
7 1/2"x 10"
Cultural depiction of Africans in bondage
Encaustic,found objects